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Winter 2017

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Winter 2017

From the Chairman’s Desk

Enrico Boi, ISTT Chairman

Happy new year to all our readers, and a warm welcome to 2017.

I am honoured to serve as the new Chairman of ISTT and I look forward working with you to grow the trenchless industry. I would like to thank immediate-Past ISTT Chairman, Derek Choi, for his leadership. It was a real pleasure working with him these past three years. The Chairmanship of ISTT is a great honour and responsibility. I pledge to serve to the best of my ability for the benefit of ISTT, its Affiliated Societies and the industry at large.

Last year was very special for ISTT. We celebrated our 30th birthday having been founded in the United Kingdom in September 1986. Happy birthday ISTT!

It was also a busy year; last October we had the 34th International No-Dig Show in the beautiful city of Beijing, China. The event was organised by the CSTT and the ISTT. The show was a success with approximately 2,000 visitors from 26 countries, and 81 exhibitors who were very happy with the contacts they made at the show.

In total, 21 out of 28 Affiliated Societies attended the ISTT Board Meeting in Beijing. During the meeting, the Board selected Jari Kaukonen as Vice Chairman. Dr Sam Ariaratnam’s time as the Immediate-Past ISTT Chairman ended, with Derek Choi taking his place. The ISTT Board also selected three members to serve on the Executive Sub-Committee (ESC) for the period 2016-2019: Jens Hoelterhoff, GSTT; Matthew Izzard, UKSTT; and Yasin Torun, TSITT.

The ISTT Board heard to two excellent event proposals from the UKSTT and the IATT for the 2019 International No-Dig. In the end, the Board awarded the 2019 International No-Dig to the IATT. The event will be held in Florence, Italy in the fall of 2019.

During the meeting, the ISTT announced the results of the its first Education and Training Grant Program approved by ISTT Board in 2015 and funded in 2016 at ₤10,000 (US$12,680). Seven Affiliated Societies submitted proposals for the program and two proposals were selected: a Spanish translation of NASTT’s CIPP Good Practices program (NASTT); video productions of masterclasses to be posted on the UKSTT YouTube channel (UKSTT).

The annual ISTT awards ceremony was held at the No-Dig Beijing Gala Dinner. Finally, the ISTT, in cooperation with the CISTT and the NASTT, has launched a new and exciting international initiative as part of 2017 International No-Dig 2017: Trenchless in the Americas. The initiative begins in April in Washington, D.C. when the NASTT will host International No-Dig show 2017, and concludes in September in Medellin, Colombia with CISTT hosting the Trenchless World Congress.

I invite you to attend these great events and to explore new technologies and new markets.

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