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Summer 2018

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From the Chairman’s Desk

Enrico Boi, ISTT Chairman

It has been a very busy period for the ISTT, with lots of travelling for the society’s officers, as well as virtual meetings for the Executive Sub Committee (ESC) and some Guarantors.

ISTT Executive Director Peter Smeallie, along with Past Chairmen Dec Downey and Sam Ariaratnam, took part in the 10th Trenchless Asia 2018 event in May. The second time the event was held in Kuala Lumpur, it was opened with a special address by Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water Malaysia Secretary-General Dr Zaini Bin Ujang.

The success of Trenchless Asia is a reflection of the development of trenchless technologies in Malaysia and more broadly throughout the Asian region. It is important to note that ISTT is now working with Malaysian representatives for the formation of a Malaysian Society for Trenchless Technology.

ISTT Vice Chairman Jari Kaukonen attended the Scandinavian No-Dig 2018 that was held in Lillestrøm, Norway on 2-3 May. This show was organised by the Scandinavian Society for Trenchless Technology (SSTT) that serves Sweden and Norway.

The show was an opportunity for Mr Kaukonen to discuss the evolution of ISTT and the future implementation of a new operational plan for 2019, with his constituents.

Also in May, I travelled to Finland for the third Trenchless Technology National Conference organised by the Finish Society for Trenchless Technology. This event has now reached a mature stage with important exhibitors and a strong participation also from international representatives and also members of the ISTT.

A special “European” session featured German Society for Trenchless Technology Chairman Prof Karsten Körkemeyer and Executive Director Klaus Bayer, United Kingdom Society for Trenchless Technology Chairman Matthew Izzard and SSTT Vice-Chairman Borghild Teigland Folkedal.

On 6 June, myself, Mr Kaukonen, and Mr Smeallie, travelled to London for the 31st Annual General Meeting of the Guarantors. This meeting is one of the ISTT’s most important annual events, where the Guarantors review and discuss with the ISTT management team the actions of the past year, and most importantly plan for year to come.

This year the meeting focused on the discussion of the new operational plan for 2019, its actions and phasing. The Guarantors provided us with important and wise advice on matters that need the support of all the components of the society.

To end, I would also like to thank the members of the ESC for their hard work provided during the previous quarters.

The preparation of the operational plan for 2019, along with all the other activities that are responsibility of the ESC, required a higher than normal effort and dedication.

Enrico Boi
ISTT Chairman


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