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Spring 2016

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Spring 2016


From the Chairman’s Desk

Derek Choi, ISTT Chairman

While Istanbul is still vividly in our minds, Beijing is not far over the horizon. Preparation work is in full swing for the 2016 No-Dig International, to be held on 10-12 October in Beijing, China. 

ISTT Immediate-Past Chairman Dr Sam Ariaratnam, Vice Chairman Enrico Boi and Kyoko Kondo attended NASTT’s 2016 No-Dig Show in the Dallas, Texas on 20-24 March. Over 2,300 attendees and 170 exhibitors came to Dallas for the show. Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, UKSTT successfully held its No-Dig Roadshow in Belfast, UK on 8 March.

Traditionally for our trenchless world, the second quarter of the year is always busy and 2016 is no exception.

PFTT will hold its 7th conference, No-Dig Poland 2016, on 12-14 April in the centre of Poland. This will feature an indoor and outdoor exhibition. RSTT is hosting No-Dig Moscow 2016 on 26 April at the Exhibition Centre VDNH Moscow. In addition to these events, RoSTT, in conjunction with GSTT, will host the Trenchless Romania event in Bucharest on 18 May 2016.

While the European calendar is full with trenchless events, our Asian counterparts are not sitting still. Trenchless Asia 2016, organised by Westrade, is going to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the first time. CHKSTT will also be hosting its International Conference and Exhibition – Trenchless Asia for Smart City – on 16-17 June in my hometown, Hong Kong.

You can read a full report on the NASTT’s No-Dig Show on page XX. In addition to this, further information about upcoming trenchless events is available on page XX.

I would also like to draw your attention to an important ISTT initiative launched this year; a new education and training grant program led by ESC member Ian Vickridge. The program is aimed to provide financial support to affiliated society’s education and training efforts.

A maximum of £5,000 (US$7,105) will be awarded to a qualified society and a total of £10,000 (US$14,210) will be allocated for the grant program. Applications are open to all affiliated member societies. The deadline for application is 1 July 2016. Act now to boost your education and training ideas with a turbo charge.

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