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Fall 2016

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Trenchless International

Fall 2016


From the Chairman’s Desk

Derek Choi, ISTT Chairman

While preparing for this issue of Trenchless International, I realised that I was writing to you for the last time as Chairman of ISTT. Trying to look for materials, I ended up spending a good part of the Sunday looking at pictures and videos dated back all the way to 2002. What a journey it was!

I did not walk alone on the journey. Ted Flaxman and John Castle’s encouragement is what led me to run for the executive subcommittee (ESC) where this journey started. During the years I have also had the privilege to work alongside ISTT legends including Past Chairmen Ray Sterling, Dec Downey and Sam Ariaratnam.

When Dr Sam passed the torch to me in Sydney, Australia in 2013, I did not think three years would fly by so quickly. Sam wasn’t kidding when he said “It is not that hard and just enjoy it”. It wasn’t all that hard and I enjoyed it very much. I suspect the ease has something to do with Sam’s continued passion for preaching Trenchless Technology all over the globe.

I wouldn’t have felt like this job was such a pleasure without all the hard works everyone put in. I am especially in debt to John Hemphill, Executive Director of this great organisation. John upholds the highest standard of integrity and he is also a true diplomat. He always makes sure the house is in order and allows me to feel like I am doing the work! And of course none of us would have survived without Kyoko Kondo. Kyoko spends endless hours keeping records and files updated and our website up and running.

My sincere thanks go to my fellow ESC members and to many ESC colleagues I have had the honour of working with during my 10 years tenure at the ESC. Your dedication and commitment are what make this ISTT strong.

Last, but definitely not least, I would like to thank my Vice Chairman Enrico Boi. Enrico is energetic and passionate (as you may expect from an Italian). He also has a big heart and good sets of ears. I look forward to his leadership as he takes over the Chairmanship in Beijing.

Finally, although I may not miss those deadline reminders, I would like to thank the editorial staff at Great Southern Press for their support and patience in the past three years. It has been an absolute pleasure indeed!

So for now, farewell. I look forward to seeing you sometime soon in many of the ISTT events.

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