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Fall 2015

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Trenchless International

Fall 2015


From the Chairman’s Desk

Derek Choi, ISTT Chairman

The Turkish Society for Infrastructure and Trenchless Technology (TSITT) will soon host the 33rd International No-Dig Conference.

Held in the beautiful city of Istanbul, the show will feature approximately 50 papers and over 70 exhibitors from dozens of countries. This is a tremendous achievement for TSITT, one of the youngest affiliated societies. In this special show edition of Trenchless International, we celebrate this auspicious occasion on the ISTT’s calendar by looking at all things trenchless in Turkey.

The ISTT executive sub-committee (ESC) is buzzing with activities. ISTT Vice Chairman Enrico Boi is leading an effort to revamp the ISTT website, and we are all looking forward to its exciting interactive features coming online in 2016. ESC member Ian Vickridge of the United Kingdom Society for Trenchless Technology (UKSTT) is heading a team to develop a grant program that will help member societies in their trenchless training initiatives. ESC member Stanislav Lovecký of the Czech Society for Trenchless Technology (CzSTT) is leading a project to develop an online multi-language trenchless dictionary, with nine affiliated societies supporting him in this endeavour.

Many of the affiliated societies have been busy over the summer and fall period with local events. The Brazilian Society for Trenchless Technology held its Congress on Trenchless Technology in São Paulo 26-28 August. The CzSTT had its 20th Conference on Trenchless Technology in Třeboň 15-16 September.

The Australasian Society for Trenchless Technology’s (ASTT) 11th No-Dig Down Under show on the Gold Coast had a very special twist this year. ASTT in collaboration with the North American Society for Trenchless Technology (NASTT) offered a series of courses with NASTT and ASTT instructors, read more about the initiative on page 12.

Immediate Past Chairman Dr Sam Ariaratnam went to Paris for the French Society for Trenchless Technology’s (FSTT) 11th Salon Ville Sans Tranchée, held 2-4 June, with a special assignment. On behalf of the ISTT, Sam presented the ISTT Lifetime Service Award to Michel Mermet for his contribution and dedication during the formation of ISTT and FSTT. Congratulations to Michel! Read more
about this prestigious award on page 54.

Moving forward, the UKSTT, the Netherlands Society for Trenchless Technology and the Colombian Institute for Subterranean Infrastructure Technologies and Techniques are going to hold their annual events in October. I look forward to reporting more details on these events in the next edition of Trenchless International magazine.

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