Spray lining

  • Picote gains WRc certification

    Picote Solutions’ Brush Coating™ System, used to rehabilitate deteriorated pipelines, has been assessed and approved by WRc in the UK.

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  • SAK Construction becomes QLS licensee

    Vortex Companies has signed SAK Construction as a licensee for its sprayed-in-place pipe (SIPP) rehabilitation system, the Quadex Lining System (QLS).

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  • ePIPE repairs leaking copper pipes

    ePIPE’s epoxy liner has been used to repair leaking copper pipes responsible for supplying potable water to a 154 unit complex in Van Nuys, California.

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  • Vortex enters into strategic partnership

    Vortex Companies has entered into a strategic partnership with Advantage Reline, adding spray-in-place pipe (SIPP) to its trenchless repertoire.

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  • The immediacy of online advertising ensures that products can be introduced to the market very quickly.

    Business marketing: the value of advertising online

    Does your marketing plan include a budget for online ads? Find out why placing advertisements online is no longer an optional extra.

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  • A fully sealed and lined manhole

    Major manhole rehabilitation project completed using trenchless

    A major manhole rehabilitation project, believed to be one of the largest of its type in the UK, was recently completed in Colchester, Essex.

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  • Innovative rehab techniques on show at Madrid

    In the lead up to this year's No-Dig Madrid 2014, HERMES Technologie, a prominent identity within the field of sewer rehabilitation, is set to present on a range techniques and technology topics at the annual event.

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  • Illustration of the CIPP process.

    CIPP “˜green’ resins now available

    Interplastic Corporation recently announced that it now offers cured-in-place "˜green' resins, which eliminate the environmental concerns in lining underground pipes.

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  • Scottish pipe renewals in the bag

    Scottish Water is undertaking a number of watermain renewals across the country.

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  • Reflections on No-Dig in Hong Kong

    The Trenchless Technology industry in Hong Kong has grown significantly as the urban terrain challenges open-cut methods for major projects. Here, Past Chairman of the CHKSTT Ian Vickridge reflects on the trenchless industry and how he has seen it evolve.

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  • A test of coating

    Wisconsin-based company Michels recently took quality assurance one step further. Last winter, the company hosted a pipe coating research and development demonstration at their headquarters, in Brownsville, Wisconsin.

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  • I have my pipe and manhole condition data: now what?

    To effectively manage collection system assets, utilities must collect condition data, analyse the data and make decisions on what to do with each asset based on this information. The following article describes analysis of manhole and pipeline data to develop actionable items for each asset using a risk-based approach.

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  • How to select access chamber coatings

    Manhole maintenance is essential to the upkeep of the entire wastewater system. Ian Bateman from Australasian relining company Interflow looks at the role of calcium aluminate cements in the strategy for renewing access chamber and underground structures.

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  • Coating manholes in Singapore

    In the mid-1990s HERMES Technologie was already making a name in Japan for its own processes for rehabilitating buried pipes, sewer shafts and shaft cover frames. Further demonstrations, appearances at shows and participation in conferences in Korea, China and Australia then led to a request, via its English branch, from Schwerte on the Ruhr to demonstrate the M-Coating rehabilitation process in manhole shafts in Singapore.

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  • Manhole rehabilitation

    Condition assessment of manholes is becoming increasingly important for the maintenance of underground assets. New technologies are making the job easier.

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