CIPP liner record broken in Qatar

Applus+ Velosi has installed the largest diameter cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) UV glass fibre reinforced (GRP) liner in Qatar.

The Applus+ team recently completed the installation of a 59 m, 800 mm diameter CIPP GRP liner in Doha, Qatar, marking the first time a UV GRP liner of that size had been installed in the country.

The company said the installation provided several challenges, the main one being the amount of infiltration coming from a 45 m longitudinal fracture at the inversion of the pipe.

Applus+ and its client came up with a solution to dewater next to the pipeline and lower the water table, enabling installation of the liner in dry working conditions.

The company said the pipe will now be secure for up to 50 years.

Applus+ offers trenchless pipeline repair and rehabilitation services and has a presence in all Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

For more information visit the Applus+ website.

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