ISTT appoints interim Vice Chair

Following the departure of Mr Izzard, the ISTT’s Executive Sub-Committee (ESC) has elected Kim Staheli as interim Vice Chair.

Matthew Izzard recently accepted the position of Executive Director of the North American Society for Trenchless Technology (NASTT) and has stepped down as Vice Chair of the International Society of Trenchless Technology (ISTT).

The interim position will be in effect until the meeting of the International Council in Malaysia during November 2020 where a new election will be held. Until then, Ms Staheli joins Albert Shou as one of two ISTT Vice Chairs.

ISTT Chair Jair Kaukonen welcomed Ms Staheli and has also expressed his appreciation to Mr Izzard for selfless service over the past several years.

The ESC currently comprises Jari Kaukonen as Chair, Albert Shou as Vice Chair, Kim Staheli as Vice Chair, Enrico Boi as Immediate Past Chair and members Jens Holterhoff, Mark André Haebler, Trevor Gosatti and Sam Efrat.

Geotechnical background

In 2006, Ms Staheli completed her PhD in geotechnical engineering at Georgia Tech with a dissertation about the development of frictional loads during microtunnelling. Utilising field records and data from projects she had worked on as a project engineer for a contractor, Ms Staheli was able to produce an equation for the estimation of jacking forces.

This equation can be used for design to determine the maximum length of drives, the need for intermediate jacking stations and the forces to which the thrust block should be designed.

Ms Staheli says she is passionate about managing trenchless risk through a variety of risk mitigation tools including the development of baselines, geotechnical baseline reports, risk registers and risk weighted feasibility studies to choose the trenchless method that provides the lowest risk profile for a project.

Kim Staheli.

Staheli Trenchless

With more than 20 years’ experience in the trenchless industry, spanning working for trenchless contractors, as a trenchless research scientist and a trenchless consultant, Ms Staheli opened Staheli Trenchless.

Staheli Trenchless is a consulting firm that specialises in the design, construction management and specialty inspection of trenchless technology and offers claim evaluation services and expert witness work.

When designing projects, the firm focuses on identifying possible trenchless risks, reducing those risks and evaluating the safest possible method for the owner.

Staheli Trenchless has specialists in microtunnelling, pilot tube auger boring, HDD, auger boring, pipe ramming, EPB tunneling, CIPP, slip lining, and other hybrid technologies such as pilot tube pipe ramming, pilot tube guided HDD for gravity applications.

With decades of experience behind her and the founding of Staheli Trenchless, Ms Staheli is well equipped to take on the role of interim Vice Chair of ISTT.

For more information visit the ISTT website.

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