Emagineered hits CIPP bullseye

Emagineered Solutions manufactures the revolutionary machine known as THE SHOOTER, an inversion device for CIPP and liners. The device has been extensively used in trenchless operations around the world and is continually sought after by contractors.

Emagineered Solutions has been in business for more than 20 years, with founder and CEO Stephen Waring and son and President Grant Waring spearheading the operation. THE SHOOTER was developed just before the new millennium after Mr Stephen Waring wanted to remove the need for using large pressure tanks and instead create a machine that could instead achieve continuous inversion during cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) installations.

THE SHOOTER accomplished just that: continuous inversion without a large pressure tank. The development of the machine has enabled the industry to go to an air and steam cure paradigm, which upon its initiation was a landmark change.

Its introduction resulted in increased productivity and safety, removing the use of high towers for the water inversion in the streets, with contractors instead using only a little low-level box, and in quick inversions. The launch of the machine resulted in a major uptick in productivity, which has affected the industry as a whole.

The cost per metre of installation is now significantly lower compared to what it was two decades ago, while crews using THE SHOOTER are able to do around 10–20 inversions a week with a five to six-person crew.

Built hardy

THE SHOOTER is built to take the rigors of the jobsite, and designed to be efficient, user friendly and long lasting. The body and the hand truck separate for easy transportation and an automated lubrication system evenly coats both sides of the liner while protecting the operator from overspray.

A knife gate prevents air loss after the tail passes for the second half of the install, with two sizes of air/steam valves provided on the front while hand access ports are located on the back for any manipulation of the liner. A tool bin is conveniently located above the oil reservoir.

Depending on the size of the machine used, THE SHOOTER can repair liners from 6 to 24 inches (152 to 609 mm), all while leaving a smaller construction footprint to the environment and surrounding areas.

Innovative engineering

Emagineered has continue to modify its equipment since its introduction to the market nearly 20 years ago, including the addition of a lubrication system and a knife gate to THE SHOOTER, enabling the machine to invert without losing pressure.

Most of all, THE SHOOTER is extremely user and friendly and gives contractors the opportunity to complete CIPP relining projects with an ease unachievable without the use of the product.

For more information visit the Emagineered website.

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