Insituform commences Oak Bay works

Works to replace Oak Bay’s sewer and storm water pipes continued this week in British Columbia, Canada.

Since 2016, the District of Oak Bay has completed an annual sewer and storm water pipe rehabilitation program using cured-in-place pipe lining (CIPP).

This year, a crew from Insituform is working its way through Oak Bay to install CIPP inside the old pipes.

In total, Oak Bay has approximately 100 km of sanitary sewer pipes, 115 km of water mains and 140 km of storm drainage; this year, it will refit about four km of sewer pipe with trenchless lining.

The lining will last 50 years and costs only a third of what conventional replacement methods would.

District of Oak Bay Director of Engineering Services Dan Horan says a combination of trenchless work and conventional rehabilitation is planned for the year.

“The CIPP lining work that is currently underway will be about $850,000,” said Mr Horan.

Mr Horan said Oak Bay will use a combination of 2020 funds and funds carried forward from 2019 for its rehabilitation project this year.

For more information visit the District of Oak Bay.

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