Fenner keeps it precise

Fenner Precision has been providing industry leading engineering solutions for more than 40 years.

Fenner’s world class, precision engineered elastomeric solutions are created through advanced materials technology and manufacturing capability. Beginning with a fast and efficient prototype development process, it tailors everything to meet its customers specific cost, timeline and operational parameters.

The company operates in close consultation with its customer’s engineering teams, allowing it to create an ideal solution properly modified to meet the relevant specifications of the project. Fenner also has manufacturing centres in both Europe and North America, where high quality rubber, silicone, polyurethane, cured and uncured, and coated and uncoated products and fabrics are created.

Wind turbines, robotics and aerospace products are just some of the many applications for the company’s solutions and it has the scope to offer a range of modifications including specific heat resistance, stretch, strength and wear properties to fit customers’ requirements.

Trenchless applications

Fenner’s reinforced silicone calibration products are a leading product in the trenchless technology market. The company’s no-dig range includes different lengths of calibration hose, T and Y bladders, top hats and liner gun bladders, as well as the new FenFlex range of unreinforced silicone high expansion products for pipe size transitions and packer protection sleeves.

The calibration hoses and bladders have been consistently used in conjunction with cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) methods for pipe rehabilitation and spot repair applications and the company also has the ability to provide robust but flexible calibration products for use in conjunction with open ended liners or to get the best possible liner finish regardless of the cure method.

These outcomes are achieved through specially selected materials that facilitate different levels of flexibility or robustness to suit each application requirement, while catering for all cure methods from light to steam, hot water or ambient.

Fenner products also provide superior performance including high temperature resistance and expansion characteristics enabling an optimum liner finish. This makes them suitable for a wide range of renewals and repairs, including the following types of worn or damaged pipes: lateral pipes, internal pipes, main pipes, potable water pipes, chimney flues, and oil and gas pipes.

The use of silicone allows easy release so the products can be reused again and again for long-term cost savings. Fenner engineers have a wealth of experience and a comprehensive knowledge of fabrics and elastomers that is unmatched in various industries, allowing the company to provide bespoke engineering solutions of the highest quality and the most innovative technology to its customers.

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