Rio Vista main replacement underway

Water and sewer pipe issues in Fort Lauderdale, Florida will be improving due to replacement works.

The City of Fort Lauderdale said crews are making significant progress on the main replacement project, where 800 m of new force main will be installed.

The work is being completed with underground directional drilling to eliminate the need for a trench, limit neighbourhood disruptions and expedite the installation process.

Crews have completed the first phase of underground directional drilling which involved boring a small diameter pilot hole for the full length of the pipe run; this was to assess soil conditions and ensure the directional path is properly aligned.

The second phase of underground directional drilling is now underway, entailing enlarging the diameter of the pilot hole to a size that will accommodate the new 48 inch (1,220 mm) pipe.

Over the next three weeks, crews will work towards completing the second phase and begin fusing together multiple sections of the pipe to prepare it for installation.

For more information visit the City of Fort Lauderdale website.

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