ROSEN’s major production feat

ROSEN Canada has completed its largest production job and delivered its biggest order of polyurethane-lined pipe in the company’s history.

The company concluded the major job of converting bare steel pipe to internally coated wear-resistant pipe.

As part of a planned production facility upgrade, ROSEN delivered a total of 21 km of wear-resistant pipe coated with the RoCoat™ liner and equipped with a wear-monitoring system that allows the coating condition to be acquired online.

The products were designed and manufactured at ROSEN’s Calgary-based production facility, which required an increase in local resources.

To complete the job, approximately 35 additional people were hired to fill positions such as front office staff, shipping and receiving, forklift operators and equipment maintenance professionals.

To secure the material for production, many Canadian and international suppliers and subcontractors were involved.

As the final deliverable for the client, ROSEN supplied 21 km of pipe in 18 m lengths and a variety of coated bends and fittings, which will accommodate scheduled pipeline maintenance and construction.

The scope of work was a major feat for ROSEN, with the company completing an efficient and cost-effective delivery of the coated pipe on schedule, with high-quality.

For more information visit the ROSEN website.

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