VMT guides microtunnelling in France

VMT’s microtunnelling guidance system assisted in the construction of a sea outfall in Nice, France.

The sea outfall was part of a new sewage tunnel and consisted of a 1,600 mm diameter pipeline installed using microtunnelling for a 482 m section running along a straight route and holing out on the seabed 450 m from the shoreline.

During the installation, the microtunnel boring machine (MTBM) was provided guidance by a VMT SLS-Microtunnelling LT navigation system to keep the bore level and in line.

The new VMT system was introduced after the initial 115 m was navigated by contractor Ludwig Pfeiffer’s pre-owned laser guidance system when it was decided that a more sophisticated system was needed to ensure the successful completion and accuracy for the undersea section.

Ludwig Pfeiffer said that selecting the new navigation system was a simple choice considering the positive results the company had experienced with VMT in previous projects.

To recover the machine, a module was installed to remotely disconnect electrical and data cables and the MTBM was lifted with the support of a dedicated underwater operation team.

The installation was completed in 50 days.

For more information visit the VMT website.

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First published 24 September 2019.

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