Musk tunnelling technology a potential for Las Vegas

An Elon Musk-founded company has been liaising with local Las Vegas entities about another potential transportation project using tunnelling technology.

According to Stock Daily Dish, an Elon Musk-founded company has been in talks for a potential Las Vegas transportation project.

In 2017, Elon Musk established The Boring Company as a vision for the future of underground construction.

Now, Las Vegas Visitors and Convention Authority (LVCVA) CEO Steve Hill said while meetings between the two organisations have taken place, it’s too early to comment on the specifics.

As Las Vegas is at the forefront of autonomous vehicles and other transportation initiatives, the Boring Company’s influence could be a viable option.

Stock Daily Dish said that Mr Hill knows having a mix of alternative transportation modes in place will be essential with an influx of visitors expected in the coming years and one option could be similar to the underground transportation test tunnel the Boring Company unveiled in December in Los Angeles.

According to The Associated Press, the test comprised a Tesla Model S was lowered approximately 9.1 m below ground via a wall-less elevator and transported guests through a 1.6 km tunnel at speeds of 64 km/h, although it is planned to run at 241 km/h in the future.

The tunnel was considered a test to demonstrate how the technology worked and how it could help mitigate traffic issues.

For more information visit The Boring Company website.

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