Aussie Trenchless continues to cross borders

Committed to pioneering state-of-the-art solutions in the trenchless industry, Aussie Trenchless is making its mark on an international scale.

Recognised as an ideal rehabilitation solution for sewer and stormwater assets, Aussie Trenchless’ spiral lining system is continuing to impress the trenchless industry worldwide. The SRP EXP installation process is fast and easy, producing a final result that offers an extended service life of more than 50 years.

The relining product – available for asset profiles from DN 150 to DN 1200 – is a close fit structural spiral ribbed PVC relining system for circular sewer and stormwater gravity pipelines. It is designed to fit standard size access chambers and is ideal for tight spaces and areas with bad access.

As the installation process is unaffected by running infiltration and does not need bypass pumping, it’s well suited to water applications, particularly as it also enhances the hydraulic characteristics of the rehabilitated asset.

Another popular product is Aussie Trenchless’ man entry lining system, Pipe Segment Technology (PST), which is used for the rehabilitation of gravity sewer mains. PST uses transparent polypropylene lining panels and is suited to tight location; fits round, ovoid and square pipes forms; and can use an enhanced design strength for high live loads.

New territory

Proof of the efficiency and effectiveness of these products, Aussie Trenchless has continued to field interest from around the world for its trenchless solutions. Thanks to an increase in the region’s trenchless activity, particularly in the area of spiral lining, the company has acquired a new major customer in Asia.

Aussie Trenchless is manufacturing spiral lining winding equipment and profile for its new customer in Asia, which will use the products to rehabilitate DN 150 to DN 1200 pipes using six different profiles.

The pipes are part of a wastewater and sewer pipeline network that is under stress from age and consistent use, with open cut methods for rehabilitation proving to be a far too costly option.

Aussie Trenchless’ solutions have been selected due to the efficient, cost-effective and timely manner in which they can be implemented. The company expects that trenchless activity will continue to increase in Asia and across the world, particularly with groups such as Aussie Trenchless continuing to initiate more innovative methods and products.

The installation is monitored on a screen in the cabin.

Exhibiting at No-Dig Down Under

Aussie Trenchless will be displaying the its full range of products at No-Dig Down Under in Melbourne, Australia on 10–13 September 2019, featuring live demonstrations of its SRP EXP equipment at the company’s booth in the trade exhibition.

The company recently replicated similar demonstrations at the Australian Water Association’s Ozwater and Trenchless Asia. The setup has attracted hundreds of people interested in Aussie Trenchless’ rehabilitation solutions, offering an opportunity for a deeper understanding of the SRP EXP spiral winding process.

Visitors to the company’s No-Dig Down Under stand, located at booth 27, will be able to see the system in action, with a live winding machine transforming strips of PVC, inserted into one end of the machine, into a structural piece of pipe.

Mr Meredith says that attendance at trenchless events has been valuable in both in terms of networking and gaining insight into what customers value in the trenchless industry.

“In July, I attended Trenchless Asia and caught up with many old colleagues and acquaintances, and it was good to see a wide range of trenchless products and services on offer,” he says.

“All areas of the industry are being represented, from construction tools like drilling and microtunnelling rigs, to location and mapping services, as well as a diverse range of lining systems and products. In general, I’ve found that all agree that the trenchless industry is in good shape, with solutions for most underground issues to ensure the aboveground foot print and disruption is minimised during trenchless construction.”

For more information visit the Aussie Trenchless website.

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