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UK giant embraces trenchless

Civil engineering and infrastructure specialist Barhale Construction is embracing TRACTO-TECHNIK technologies to complete some of its ongoing projects.

Barhale has chosen to use a GRUNDOPIT 40S Mini horizontal directional drilling (HDD) rig for installation of property service connections for gas, water, electric, FTTH and sewer pressure pipes.

The compact machine, manufactured by TRACTO-TECHNIK, is a pit launched HDD rig that is fluid-assisted for ease of operation.

Recently, the machine was used on a £3.7 million (US$4.8 million) project undertaken by Barhale to provide a new public sewerage system and reduce environmental issues in the local area of Bythorn and Keyston.

To ensure minimal disruption while connecting households to the new sewer network, the machine laid pipework in ten different locations, with drill lengths varying from 10 m up to 45 m and at depths of 1 to 4 m.

Barhale Operations Manager Dominic McDermott said the GRUNDOPIT is instrumental during these complicated projects.

“An operation that took only one day using trenchless technology would not only have taken a couple of weeks using traditional open cut methods, but would have required a full road closure, removal of excavated material, importing of back fill material, tarmac reinstatement, let alone the reinstatement of the private garden and driveway,” said Mr McDermott.

While the use of rigs to install gravity sewers is not a new, the ever-increasing accuracy is helping contractors complete the installations more effectively and with less disruption to local residents.

For more information visit the Barhale website.

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