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Final relining project for Cranbrook’s 2019 program

The recent completion of a sewer relining project in Cranbrook’s downtown area has finalised the city’s 2019 Capital Works Program.

The city’s contractor, Insituform Technologies Inc., utilised the cured in place pipe (CIPP) process and used air pressure to blow a flexible resign filled liner down and through the deteriorating pipe.

The air pressure expanded the liner against the inside of the pipe to cause the resin to cure and harden, and the ends of the liner were then trimmed so any pipe services could be reopened using a specialised pipe crawler.

Cranbrook Manager of Infrastructure Planning and Delivery Mike Matejka said cost savings and efficiency were among the benefits of using this trenchless rehabilitation compared to conventional excavation.

“[The] process is around 10 times faster than conventional pipe replacement, which reduces the disruption to traffic and disruption to residents and businesses that are connected to the sewer and rely on the roadways for access,” Mr Matejka said.

The proper sewer relining can renew the pipes lifespan up to 100 years and will also reduce the infiltration of groundwater into the sewer system through cracks and joints.

In addition to this sewer relining project, the City of Cranbrook completed six other major capital projects – including watermain replacements and storm sewer upgrades – before the end of September, valued at approximately CA$4,600,000 (US$3,456,00).

For more information visit the City of Cranbrook website.

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