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ImpulseRadar’s latest addition revolutionises utility location

Swedish-based GPR manufacturer, ImpulseRadar recently introduced its newest product, PinPointR, a fast, productive and intuitive dedicated GPR utility locator instrument for the dependable location of underground assets.

ImpulseRadar is a rapidly growing utility location manufacturer, which combines its industry experience with state-of-the-art technology to develop user-friendly ground penetrating radar (GPR) instruments. The company, headquartered in Sweden and with locations in the US and Malaysia as well as distribution partners throughout the rest of the world, is comprises industry professionals who have been influential in introducing innovative GPR solutions that have revolutionised the application of this non-destructive technology.

The company is founded on a desire to innovate, leading to the release of a range of modern GPR solutions, featuring industry leading performance with benefits that will drive results.

ImpulseRadar’s GPR solutions are built on the latest Real-Time Sampling (RTS) technology platform resulting in machines that are fast, offer exceptional bandwidth and dynamic range, and are modular to meet specific needs. According to the company, these products maximise productivity through the collection of high quality GPR data, making the best use of project budgets.

Maximising productivity

In June, the company released its latest product, PinPointR, a dedicated GPR utility locator instrument. PinPointR has been developed to maximise in-field productivity by using RTS dual-channel antenna technology for unparalleled bandwidth, speed and resolution.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Whether new to GPR or a seasoned operator, the machine offers a clear and dependable way to quickly and easily locate, avoid or map underground utilities, with the functionality required to meet approved industry standards, while offering market-leading performance and data quality.

ImpulseRadar’s innovative RTS-based antenna optimises depth penetration and detection capabilities with maximum resolution, providing resolution beyond that of any single-channel GPR system for the detection of near-surface utility targets and other internal reflectors of interest, as well as deeper utility targets with maximum depth penetration.

The operation of PinPointR is controlled via an intuitive Android OS-driven user interface. The system can either be controlled wirelessly from a smartphone or rugged tablet, via the easy-to-use user interface.

Furthermore, the Android data acquisition app includes industry standard marker functionality to enable users to mark-up data in the field to correlate with the actual paint marks they put on the ground and any subsequent field sketches or report outputs.

Designed for the real world

ImpulseRadar CEO Tommy Leijon says the company had its customers in mind when it stipulated productivity, functionality and flexibility during PinPointR’s development.

“We have an innate understanding of our customers’ requirements,” he says.

“The key to maximising in-field productivity is to give our users the features and functionality they use day to day in real-world scenarios. Consequently, PinPointR offers complete flexibility for collecting either single line profiles, or multi-line projects with user-defined lengths and profile spacing to suit actual site conditions and specific utility locate objectives.”

PinPointR also includes built-in GPS and supports external GPS for enhanced geo-referencing of collected GPR data. For users who wish to post-process data, files – including markers – can be imported into ImpulseRadar’s CrossPoint software for processing, visualisation, analysis and to be exported to CAD, GIS and Google formats.

PinPointR is the latest addition to ImpulseRadar’s line-up of GPR solutions, joining the CrossOver series of dual-channel 2D antennas and the Raptor 3D GPR Array solution. The company’s whole range of products will be on display during ISTT’s No-Dig Florence, taking place from 30 September – 2 October 2019.

This article was featured in Fall Edition of Trenchless International. To view the magazine on your PC, Mac, tablet, or mobile device, click here.

For more information visit the ImpulseRadar website.

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