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Kobus demonstrates trenchless benefits

Recent training sessions have demonstrated benefits of the Kobus Pipe Puller for trenchless replacement of gas mains.

The Kobus ‘KPP400 Pipe Puller’ is a trenchless pipe replacement technology that quickly and safely extracts lead, galvanised iron, copper and plastic service pipes.

A powerful pulling winch is mounted on a compact excavator, which completed the extraction in minutes and then tows in a new copper or polyethylene pipe in a single operation.

The method minimises the risk of damaging utilities, the environmental hazard from the decommissioned pipe, the size of excavations and the cost of reinstatement, while maximising safety for operators and members of the public.

Kobus Operations Director Tom Atienza has been training crews from Nicor Gas with the first KPP400 in USA made solely for gas mains.

“Our technology pulls water and gas services, which have already been disconnected at main and meter by professionals, and therefore carry no water or gas,” said Mr Atienza.

“Then our machine puts in place a new service (customer’s choice) for them to reconnect supply.

“[It’s] a safe technology as we work on dead pipes, which also saves time and money.”

For more information visit the Kobus website.

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