Smart trenchless solutions of the future

With recent changes, TRACTO-TECHNIK has further developed its ability to offer flexible solutions for pipeline construction.

Through automation, digitisation and collaboration, TRACTO-TECHNIK now offers flexible solutions for all areas of pipeline construction that significantly increase productivity and profitability. The changes implemented by the company are based on its corporate vision: ‘Smart technology to bring life’s essential services to everyone’.

Simple and easy solutions

By focusing on user requirements and trends in pipeline construction, TRACTO-TECHNIK now offers comprehensive product range, which includes innovative drilling equipment, digital products and services to make trenchless construction simple and easy. The company is constantly advancing its trenchless equipment and, as such, recently introduced a new range of products. The new range was highlighted by the next generation of GRUNDOMAT soil displacement hammers and GRUNDODRILL horizontal directional drilling (HDD) rigs.


For more than five decades, GRUNDOMAT has been the industry benchmark and consistently delivered solutions for underground pipeline installation and renewal. The optimised new design of the machines improves the system’s durability and reduces costs.

The GRUNDOMAT soil displacement hammers, also known as moles, feature an intelligent design leading to longevity and high accuracy, uncompromising quality and consistent optimisation.

Proven features have been attained, such as the two-stroke method developed by TRACTO-TECHNIK, which allows GRUNDOMAT to work precisely, even in stony soils. A large selection of original accessories make the new generation of machines versatile and easy to operate safely, leading to productive and economic operations.


According to TRACTO-TECHNIK, the new HDD rigs set the standard for trenchless pipeline construction. For the first time, GRUNDODRILL features remote drilling, made possible by a unique combination of innovative technology and digitisation. In addition, rock-drilling capabilities are available in all performance classes, as well as an integrated locating.

The concept of the new generation of GRUNDODRILL sees almost all functions of the machine controlled via a central touch screen. This concept, which is perfectly user adapted facilitates the training of new operators. The combination of innovation and digitisation has rejuvenated the series of six drills, across performance classes 60 to 280 kN. The next generation of GRUNDODRILL machines feature a flexible modular construction for different machine sizes and options, allowing the user to configure the rig according to individual requirements.

The machines’ rotation power and drilling fluid capacity have been increased, in combination with high drive power, which leads to an increase in productivity and adaptable to varied geologies. GRUNDODRILL is capable of rock drilling in all performance classes.

All machines can be equipped with the jet condition system and normal rods for conventional soils or the all condition system with twin-tube rods for complex geologies and rocks.

Control via the central touch-screen allows for ergonomic and fatigue-free work, while the automation of all processes enables remote-controlled drilling with the help of a specially developed, hard-wearing touch screen panel. By integrating the locating information into the control, all relevant data is merged together to simplify the drilling process

The cabin has also been redesigned. Large panoramic windows allow for 360° views of the worksite, eliminating the need to tilt the cabin during operations. The machines design was awarded the second prize in the category design of the bauma Innovation Awards earlier this year.

Intelligent pipeline solutions

TRACTO-TECHNIK has also released other solutions for intelligent pipeline installation and renewal, generating significant interest from the industry.

These include GRUNDOPIT mini steerable drilling rigs for installing house connections, GRUNDORAM for the dynamic installation of steel pipes, as well as GRUNDOCRACK and GRUNDOBURST pipe bursting systems for trenchless pipe renewal and refurbishment.

TRACTO-TECHNIK will launch the new range of products in Australasia later this year. During No-Dig Down Under 2019 in Melbourne in September, the company will unveil these smart technological solutions for the first time to the Australian and New Zealand industry.

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