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Rehabilitation project receives bids

The City of Roseburg has received construction bids for the rehabilitation of failing storm drainage pipes within the city.

To address the issue of the city-wide storm drainage pipe failures, Roseburg City plans to install cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) within existing pipes to extend the asset’s longevity and improve its integrity.

The rehabilitation project consists of approximately 1,037 m of storm pipe, ranging from 24 to 48 inches (610 to 1,220 mm) in diameter.

Roseburg’s Public Works Department said CIPP is a cost-effective approach to extending the life of corroded and failing storm drains by 50 years or more.

The process does not require trenching or excavation; however, it will involve temporary traffic control for access to maintenance holes at varying locations within the city.

The failing storm pipes around Harvard Avenue were identified in December of 2015, where the aluminised spiral rib steel piping showed a prematurely corroded bottom.

This led to the need for the Storm Rehabilitation Project in 2019.

It is now expected to be an annual activity due to its effectiveness in eliminating failed storm drains, sink holes and road damages.

Roseburg City received five bids for construction after opening tenders on 16 May and anticipates that the project will be completed by late September.

For more information visit the Roseburg city website.

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