Wessex Water plans future with trenchless

Wessex Water has released its Innovation Report, showcasing its plans for new technologies and no dig methods in the future.

Wessex Water’s 2019 Innovation report provides an in-depth description of its sewer rehabilitation team, purpose and challenges.

The aim is to maintain and reinforce existing sewers and tunnels throughout the region using a range of methods, with a primary focus on avoiding ground excavation.

The utility is keen to introduce new technology that will benefit its customers, communities, environment and employees.

“Innovation continues to drive opportunities in our sewerage network renovation program,” said Wessex Water Rehabilitation Manager Julian Britton.

Minimising excavation while maintaining sewers requires a range of innovative technologies from around the world.

The utility will employ rehabilitation options like resin-based liners, as well as continuing to use leading no-dig methods for surveying and repairing the sewers and tunnels.

Since Wessex Water owns the sewers where work is taking place, it has a complete understanding of the technical requirements for its assets and can use this knowledge to implement the most efficient technologies.

The Wessex Water sewer rehabilitation team was formed in 2004 and is based at the Kingston Seymour office in North Somerset, UK.

For more information visit the Wessex Water website.

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