Software enhancements locate pinhole leaks in CIPP

Electro Scan Inc. has released new software enhancements that aim to locate and measure pinhole leaks in cured-in-place pipe (CIPP).

Electro Scan Inc. has announced its release of major software enhancements to locate and measure leaks in CIPP liners, alongside other trenchless rehabilitation solutions.

The software is available immediately for both imperial and metric customers, and applies to all forms of CIPP liners, including thermal, steam, ultraviolet and light-emitting diode – LED – cured liners.

The technology, namely the focused electrode leak location (FELL) technology, will deliver unbiased and unambiguous results to help prevent decay of infrastructure.

With the new technology, leaks will be quantified in either gal/m or L/s.

“Traditional inspection methods including acoustic and CCTV inspection are unable to identify or measure leaks,” said Electro Scan Vice President Mike App.

FELL’s solution can bring the required accuracy to determine when a liner is watertight and is recommended to certify both gravity and pressurised pipelines for watertightness.

Once a FELL survey is completed, the data can be transmitted, stored and processed through the company’s Critical Sewers® cloud application, with licensing available on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis.

In terms of testing the watertightness of CIPP liners, Electro Scan offers the only technology in compliance with the ASTM F2550 and AWWA M77 standards.

The new technology was developed after the importance to quantify leaks was recognised while Electro Scan was working on a CIPP research project for German-based IKT.

The new software release also helps locate and measure small defects in other materials, such as plastic pipes.

For more information visit the Electro Scan Inc. website.

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