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Pipe repair technology receives federal funding

The US Environmental Protection Agency has granted funding to QuakeWrap Inc to develop an innovative pipe repair technology.

Developed by QuakeWrap Inc, an infrastructure innovation to help solve a major problem in city drinking water systems has received federal funding from the US EPA.

The project will explore the use of SuperLaminate™, a specialised fibre reinforced polymer laminate, for trenchless water main point repairs.

If successful, the new repair method will stop identified leaks in city main water pipes without the need for expensive excavation, saving cities and countries millions of dollars per year in drinking water loss.

The fund, which is a Phase 1 contract of the US EPA’s two-phase Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, comprises of an award up to US$100,000 for small businesses that have submitted research addressing key environmental issues.

“These funds support small businesses that have developed new technologies to monitor air quality, test for PFAS, and address other pressing environmental challenges,” said US APA Administrator Andrew Wheeler.

The SBIR funding supports both the economy and environment by creating jobs and promoting small businesses to bring environmental technologies to market and has funded 21 small businesses this year.

To be eligible for the small business funding, a company must be composed of fewer than 500 employees and an organised for-profit US business.

For more information visit the QuakeWrap website.

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