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ePIPE restores Hollywood mansion’s piping system

The ‘Castillo del Lago’, built in the 1920s and once owned by Madonna, has used in-place pipe to repair plumbing leaks.

Nestled underneath the iconic Hollywood sign sits the Castillo del Lago mansion, which was recently experiencing leaks from its copper pipes.

The challenge was to repair the pipes without tearing the house in the process; the current owner of the house specifically requested ePIPE’s solution, since the patented ePIPE process had been used on surrounding homes throughout the Hollywood Hills without causing damage.

The ePIPE solution is an in-place pipe process that applies an approved epoxy barrier coating resulting in a restored and protected epoxy-lined piping system.

During the six-day restoration process, carefully planned and carried out by the ePIPE team, no holes were cut into the home.

For more information visit the ePIPE website.

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