Education minister visits Herrenknecht

A prominent German state politician has visited the Herrenknecht plant in Schwanau.

Minister of Education, Youth and Sport of the State of Baden-Württemberg Dr Susanne Eisenmann went on a plant tour this month and exchanged views with Herrenknecht Chair and Founder Dr Martin Herrenknecht on the future of the business.

Dr Herrenknecht briefed the minister on some of the company’s current projects, including Grand Paris Express tunnelling project in Paris where more than 200 km of new metro lines are being built using tunnel boring machines. 

As Minister for Education, Dr Eisenmann was focused on the training programs Herrenknecht offers, which educates up to 180 young people across 12 occupations and degree internship programs.

Dr Herrenknecht said education was one of Germany’s most important raw materials.

“For Germany to stay ahead, we need an education offensive to increase our innovative strength and our clout in global competition,” he said.

Dr Eisenmann expressed her satisfaction both with the company’s facilities and modern machinery.

“I am delighted that Herrenknecht is pursuing the long-term development of young talent,” she said.

“This lays the foundation for cutting-edge technology from Germany.

“Training skilled workers in the German cooperative system is an advantage in international competition.”

For more information visit the Herrenknecht website.

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