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Celebrating 25 years of making the ‘best’ better

In 2019, VMT will celebrate its 25th anniversary for providing a range of products and services to the tunnelling industry.

VMT is a global company recognised as a leading global supplier and partner for guidance systems, process data management, production and logistics management for segmental lining, monitoring and management systems for optimal ring build, as well as deformation monitoring.

The company approaches its products and services with innovative and forward-looking research and development (R&D), a ‘concept to project’ ethos and an after-sales service that others find difficult to match.

Using the right tech

The underground construction industry – in particular microtunnelling and tunnelling works – requires that microtunnel boring machines (MTBM) and tunnel boring machines (TBM) excavate through the ground and remove muck to create pipeline alignments.

However, there are parts of the tunnelling process that require precise, skilled steering of these machines, making it essential that the right components are used to achieve the best results.

Without the best navigations systems, holing on target may be missed; without superior management of tunnel lining segment manufacture and delivery, production and advance targets may be missed; without the correct collection and management of the construction process data, crews will not know when things may be going wrong until it is too late.

“A guidance system without a machine is useless but a machine without guidance is almost worse than useless,” said VMT Asia Managing Director George Wei.

“Guidance to the TBM is as eyes are to humans.

“When we close our eyes, we can still walk; however, after not too many metres we feel less and less confident about where we are and where we are heading and desperately want to open our eyes!

“We are scared of what we might run into, and even though we assume we are walking in a straight line we are surprised how much have deviated from the straight line once our eyes are opened.”

In this case, VMT provides the TBM with its eyes.

Quarter of a century of R&D

From planning to completion, tunnelling operations are increasingly integrated and complex, making innovation the impetus behind VMT’s R&D program .

According to the company, this is the key to remaining ahead of the field and allows VMT to improve customer support, offer solutions to meet specific demands and solve technically challenging problems.

VMT recently established a dedicated R&D division that does nothing but seek out new systems and provide improvements to the company’s products.

Marking its 25 years in the business, VMT will unveil the results of this work and bring a number of its latest developments, additions and upgrades to the global market.

The company will not only establish and launch new navigation technology, but also improve and finetune existing systems to meet the demands of projects for years to come.

New ideas include hardware components that are more robust, functional and flexible, along with supporting software.

Making the best even better 

VMT’s aim is to continuously enhance, advance and refine its product range to deliver solutions for all kind of mechanised tunnelling: from concept to completion, from product design to installation and use.

For more information visit the VMT website.

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