Flyability releases new confined space inspection drone

Flyability has released a new drone for the inspection of confined industrial spaces.

The Elios 2 collision-tolerant drone is designed for inspection in dangerous spaces, such as sewers, mines and radioactive plants.

In November 2018, Flyability announced it had raised US$11 million to further develop its indoor autonomous inspection drones, which have previously been used for emergency pipeline inspection.

The aim of the technology it to reduce worker risk by keeping inspectors out of harm’s way and the new generation of drone is designed to mimic hands-on inspection techniques.

The drone’ protective cage has been altered to be outside the camera’s field of view, as well as having an improved data capture payload for quality data enabling inspectors to remotely analyse dangerous and confined spaces.

It also uses positioning sensors to operate in environments where GPS is unavailable and its intelligent flight capabilities aim to allow engineers without flight expertise to operate the machine.

“To date, more than 550 Elios drones have been deployed at over 350 sites to inspect critical infrastructure for industries as diverse as power generation, mining, oil and gas, and chemical, even operating in radioactive areas of nuclear plants,” said Flyability CEO Patrick Thévoz.

Co-founder and CTO Dr Adrien Briod said the alterations for the new drone were based on user feedback.

“The result is an intuitive-to-fly drone fitted with an unobstructed 4K camera that can hover in place to spot submillimetre cracks.

“It performs reliably in GPS denied environment, in dark, dusty and troubled airflows, beyond line of sight, and particularly in places that no other drone can access.”

For more information visit the Flyability website.

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