Utility commissions inspection tech for £300m pipeline project

A UK utility has commissioned new technology for the £300 million (US$398 million) West Cumbria Water Project in northwest England, UK.

In order to limit environmental impacts, United Utilities is linking West Cumbria to its regional water network through a new 100 km.

To overcome terrain challenges the route of the pipeline has been carefully planned to avoid rocky mountain areas and horizontal directional drilling will be used to tunnel under rivers.

The project will also make used of existing infrastructure, with sliplining to take place along key sections of the pipeline.

In addition to the new pipeline, further works include constructing a new water treatment works, pumping stations, underground service reservoirs and associated infrastructure.

Most recently, United Utilities commissioned innovative new assurance technology – eviFile – to inspect, monitor and document a digital evidence pack for any pipe within just four seconds instead of manually creating reports.

The eviFile technology works on standard tablets and smartphones, using the devices’ cameras and GPS capabilities to record works completed, including information on time, date, geographical location, user and device orientation.

“We’re very driven to improve the visibility of the health of our projects and believe eviFile is the tool to do it,” said United Utilities Head of Construction Services William Eyre.

“We now have a much more efficient, accurate and secure way of reporting on progress of construction against our delivery schedule and on key issues like environment, quality and health and safety.

“Introducing this technology has brought benefits across the whole project supply chain, for contractors, field operatives, project managers, stakeholders and regulators.

“There is already 68 km of pipe in the ground, so we’re pleased with progress on our plans to provide a more resilient and sustainable water supply for our customers in West Cumbria.”

The project is scheduled for completion by 2022.

For more information visit the United Utilities website.

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