Utility plans 3,500 km of HDD in Bangalore

An Indian power utility will install a 3,500 km fibreoptic network under Bangalore using horizontal directional drilling (HDD).

According to The Times of India, Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (Bescom) presented a detailed project report – still in the approvals phase – to the Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission at a public hearing on Monday 4 February 2019.

The company says it will simultaneously replace more than 6,900 km of overhead powerlines with underground cables, in a phased project over the next three years to improve the reliability and quality of power supply in the city.

“Along with underground cabling, Bescom has decided to lay optical fibre communication cables as well,” Bescom Managing Director C Shikha told The Times.

“This will create a robust communication system, which is essential for the utility as it aspires to more towards a smart grid system.”

Bescom officials said the conversion of overhead cables is ongoing in five subdivisions, but up to 70 per cent of the work is yet to be taken up.

Ms Shikha said that the costs for the fibreoptics project would be minimal, but the benefits major, with little disruption to the public.

“The costs will only be 5 per cent in addition to the cost of [the] underground cabling project,” she said.

“A trenchless HDD method will be followed in the optical fibre project, ensuring minimum inconvenience to the public.”

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