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WATCH: Trenchless main replacement in Florida

Murphy Pipelines has released a video of the trenchless replacement of a failing sewer main in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Murphy Pipeline’s design-build team responded with a complete trenchless emergency proposal to replace the failing 30 inch (762 mm) sewer force main using compression fit high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe lining and horizontal directional drilling (HDD).

Fort Lauderdale sewer main replacement.

As part of a US$15 million four-phase project, more than 6.4 km of main had to be replaced in downtown Fort Lauderdale, including sections which ran through affluent residential neighbourhoods and business districts.

“This project had a very unique story,” said Murphy Pipelines Director of Engineering and Special Projects Richard Crow.

“The city of Fort Lauderdale had several breaks, almost weekly occurring, drenching the neighbourhoods and surrounding areas full of wastewater.

Part of the project brief included a necessity for the contactor to act quickly, which saw Murphy Pipelines on site and permitted within 45 days.

In order to get the project underway as fast as possible, three phases of the pipeline construction were started simultaneously.

Chen Moore & Associates Principal Engineer Dan Davila said trenchless offered more benefits than just speed.

“One of the advantages for using a combination of swage lining and HDD, besides speed, that we are not disturbing the areas of construction, I mean, we’re minimising this disruption.

“This is downtown Fort Lauderdale, some of these areas are very busy with a lot of businesses.”

Further to this, Mr Davila said the methods offered a clean installation, particularly as Fort Lauderdale has many buried utilities making open-cut trenching hazardous.

For more information visit the Murphy Pipelines website.

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