HDD upgrades natural gas pipeline

A European project has used horizontal directional drilling (HDD) to install steel pipes lined with glass reinforced plastic (GPR).

When the operation of a natural gas pipeline underneath a dyke separating the Rhine River and the Rheinpark Stadium in Vaduz, Liechtenstein was deemed high-risk, BKP Berolina used steel pipes lined with 5 mm thick GRP to upgrade the line.

HDD was used to install the 656 m long section of DN 250 pipe at a depth of 15 m to meet the specified minimum distance of 30 m from the Rheinpark Stadium.

Connection of the pulled in pipe length to the existing pipe.

GRP is a heavy-duty protection layer made of glass fibres and styrene-free vinyl ester resin to ensure maximum mechanical abrasion resistance for trenchless pipe installation.

It was applied to all 41 of the 16 m long sections of pipe to provide added mechanical protection, while the welds were protected and insulated by applying a butyl rubber-based corrosion protection tape, in addition to subsequent casing with glass fibre mats in conjunction with vinyl ester resin.

GRP protection of the welded joints.

With the works completed, the risks have been significantly minimised to meet the accident prevention requirements and the previously used pipe has been taken out of service.

For more information visit the BKP Berolina website.

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