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Tower ad- Aug – Sept 2019

China develops intelligent GPR

Chinese researchers have developed ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology that uses artificial intelligence for asset detection.

According to Xinhua, a research institute affiliated with the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation has designed and built a new 3D radar with artificial intelligence, the Eagle Eye-A.

The upgraded GPR offers higher accuracy than previous generations during urban underground asset location.

Director of the institute’s Science and Technology Committee Jiao Xiaoliang told Xinhua the Eagle Eye-A is capable of detecting soil diseases and pipelines as deep as 6 m underground, with a detection accuracy rate of more than 90 per cent and a false alarm rate of less than 5 per cent.

The radar is equipped with both BeiDou satellite navigation and GPS systems to help obtain high precision positioning of underground targets and the AI system will boost the radar’s autodetection and identification efficiency, while using less resources for data processing.

For more information visit the Xinhua website.

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