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Aarsleff expands market for Bluelight system

One of the largest relining companies in Europe has extended market opportunities for its Bluelight system, entering partnership with HammerHead® Trenchless.

Per Aarsleff A/S has signed a long-term strategic partnership agreement with Charles Machine Works Company subsidiary HammerHead Trenchless.

The agreement will extend Aarsleff’s reach into the global market, by allowing HammerHead to produce and distribute the Bluelight LED curing system for cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) to markets outside of Europe and Russia.

The Bluelight product line is currently being adapted and certified for the North American market and is expected to be available in 2019.

“This partnership is an ideal match,” said HammerHead Trenchless President Kevin Smith.

“Aarsleff has developed a technology proven to greatly improve how contractors rehabilitate laterals, and HammerHead, as part of the Charles Machines Works family of companies, has the ability to advance that technology globally.

“Collaboration between our organisations will allow us to expand availability and maximise impact of new innovations, like the Bluelight System, now and in the future.”

Aarsleff Pipe Technology Divisional Manager Hans Christensen said the continued success of the Bluelight system showed the LED cure could transform the process for all CIPP customers.

“We have found a strong partner in HammerHead and we look forward to expanding the availability of Bluelight curing technology beyond Europe.

“This partnership is the beginning of many developments in the ways we can renovate pipes.”

The Bluelight system in use on site. Image courtesy PBF Drainage Services.

As well as expanding its global reach, Aarsleff continues to develop its presence within Europe; recently PBF Drainage Services announced it had become a UK distributor for the Bluelight series.

PBF Director James Stern said the Bluelight system increases the company’s capabilities, and makes sure that the correct method of lining is available in any given situation.

“Traditionally for lateral lining the cheapest and most readily available liners have been used and this has meant that in some cases the incorrect method of lining has been chosen with little awareness from the client.

“The new system enables PBF to keep its standards where they should be, which is as high as possible using high grade materials, as well as new innovative equipment.

“In this way, we have been able to increase our output and reduce any risk of failure or risk to the environment, while keeping the client happy.”

For more information visit the Aarsleff website.

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