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Relining plays key role in development of nature reserve

Relining has played a key role in the rehabilitation of a pipeline crucial to one of Europe’s largest man-made nature reserves.

Drainage specialist Lanes Group used a fold-and-install, large diameter liner to completed a series of point repairs in a 1,220 mm diameter inlet pipe which supplies water to an area of land being turned into the Wallasea Island Wild Coast.

The rehabilitation of the line allows tidal water from the River Roach to flow into a lagoon, one of a number being created during the 20-year project to create a wildlife-rich saltmarsh twice the size of London.

Principal contractor BAM Nuttall commissioned Lanes’ East London depot to line the pipe, using a novel approach that ensured the project could be completed with minimal disruption to wildlife and least cost.

Lanes used a pillow packer to install five point repairs, to rectify defects and strengthen the pipe to withstand high water flow rates.

The pillow packer could be folded to a width of 450 mm and installed without an entry manhole having to be dismantled and rebuilt.

Once inside with the liner, the packer was inflated, pushing the resin-impregnated glass reinforced plastic liner against the pipe before curing in an ambient temperature.

“Pillow packer lining is ideal for fast, safe and sustainable repair of large diameter pipes and culverts with minimal disruption to assets, services and the wider environment,” said Lanes East London Regional Manager Mark Scott.

“As such, it was the best solution for this project, because the pipe was in the middle of a site of special scientific interest, in an isolated location where reducing potential disruption or damage to the environment was of paramount concern.”

For more information visit the Lanes website.

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