JIMT becomes 50 per cent shareholder in TERRATEC

Japan’s JIM Technology (JIMT) has become a 50 per cent shareholder in business partner TERRATEC, an Australian designer and manufacturer of tunnelling machines and equipment.

JIMT now holds half the shares in the company, while the other 50 per cent will remain with the existing partners who will continue to run the business under the same structure.

The formal partnership comes after an eight-year relationship where TERRATEC was the main contractor while JIMT subcontracted for the provision of components and design.

The association delivered more than 60 tunnel boring machines (TBM) to the global market.

JIMT is a company created by industry heavyweights IHI Corporation, Mitsubishi Heavy Industry and JFE Engineering Corp., which merged their TBM divisions to combine the technology and experience of more than 3,000 machines delivered from 1936 onwards.

Under the formalised partnership, TERRATEC will keep its global network of regional offices and country representatives.

JIMT will continue to design the earth pressure balance and slurry shield machines, while TERRATEC takes care of the hard rock TBMs, raise boring machines and conveyor systems.

The main parts of the TBM, such as the cutterhead drive unit, will keep being fabricated by JIMT in Japan, with the key components including electric and hydraulic systems being sourced in Japan, Australia and Europe.

JIMT President Takanobu Miki said TERRATEC’s position as the number one supplier to growing markets in Asia and Europe is a key achievement.

“We want TERRATEC to keep operating and expanding the business as they do, but now with JIMT’s full and direct support from the Engineering and Production side,” he said.

TERRATEC Sales and Marketing Director Bruce Matheson said the partnership is a great move for the company.

“We have been cooperating eight years with JIMT so closely and now with this formal union there are no doubts that we are together and capable to build, deliver and support any type and size of TBM for any Project in any market globally,” said Mr Matheson.

“As we expand our team and with the increased support from our partner I think that, to coin a phrase: ‘the sky is the limit’.”

For more information visit the TERRATEC website.

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