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NASA uses CIPP at its Ohio testing facility

US Pipelining has used cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) pressure lining system to restore an intercondenser line at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) in-space propulsion facility (ISP).

US Pipelining completed the structural restoration of a 24 inch (610 mm) high pressure intercondenser line in a US Government project for NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

The line is part of the ISP, the world’s only facility capable of testing full scale upper stage launch vehicles and rocket engines in high altitude simulations.

A project-specific CIPP pressure pipe lining system was designed using Manufactured Technologies Corporation (MTC) materials.

In order to meet the projects operating pressure requirements, MTC designed and manufactured the liner using two layers of glass reinforcement.

It was then impregnated with a two-part epoxy resin and transported to the site for installation by US Pipelining using the air inversion and steam cure method.

“The NASA specifications called for a Class IV structural restoration of their Intercondenser Line which operates at a pressure of 80 psi and tests out to 120 psi,” said US Pipelining General Manager Jeremy Bowman.

“Additionally, the line temperature operates at 170°Fahrenheit (77°Celsius) requiring the use of a specialty high-temperature, two-part epoxy resin system.”

MTC Senior Director Mark Wetzel said that it was an extremely technical project, both regarding materials and construction.

“A Class IV restoration with both high pressure and operating temperature requires a great deal of advanced planning,” said Mr Wetzel.

“To complicate the installation further, the line location was extremely difficult to access.

“The conditions were far from ideal, congratulations to US Pipelining.”

For more information visit the US Pipelining website.

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