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Tower ad- Aug – Sept 2019

TTC IAB meeting approaches

The Trenchless Technology Centre (TTC) Industry Advisory Board’s (IAB) annual meeting will take place in Ruston, Louisiana on 24–25 October 2018.

The meeting – taking place at the Press Box Chris Richardson Suite Level Complex at the Joe Aillet Stadium – will begin at 4pm on Wednesday 24 September, with dinner served at 6pm, and then continue on Thursday, with presentations and discussions taking place over the day.

After dinner at a local restaurant on Thursday evening, the annual IAB meeting will be adjourned.

On Friday, individual meetings with TTC and LA Tech faculty will be available, though these must be scheduled by contacting the Fredda Wagner at or directly contacting the faculty member.

The IAB comprises representatives from companies within the trenchless technology field and works to provide guidance to the TTC.

The board convenes annually for updates on the TTC’s activities and initiatives, to provide TTC leaders and researchers with insight into the needs and advances of the trenchless industry, and to discuss financing opportunities.

TTC leaders, faculty and staff also report their current and planned activities, including research and technology transfer activities; the IAB then provides feedback on what it perceives as the growing areas of research within the field and where the TTC should focus technology transfer activities.

For more information visit the LA Tech website.

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