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Semmco showcases escape set

British engineering specialist Semmco will showcase its HEAD range of breathing devices and life protection systems at the No-Dig Live 2018 exhibition.

Co-exhibiting with Resmar/Able Safety, Semmco will give attendees at No-Dig Live 2018 the opportunity to see life protection systems, including its new escape sets HEAD 15, HEAD 30 and the 15-minute working/rescue set.

The lightweight breathing system is designed to protect workers from the risk of lack of oxygen or hazardous substances in confined spaces.

Workers in confined spaces can be exposed to a number of situations endangering their breathing, such as a build-up of poisonous gas, fumes or vapours in sewers including, ammonia, methane, nitrous oxide and sulphur dioxide or the production of carbon dioxide as a result of the action of groundwater on limestone and chalk.

HEAD range

Semmco provides a range of hooded life protection devices that provide a safe and constant supply of oxygen during works, including its new the HEAD15 and HEAD10 escape sets, as well as the HEAD15 working/rescue set which offers a continuous supply of oxygen generated with the wearer’s natural breathing patterns.

The escape sets provide fast and lightweight support in the event of an emergency where there is little or no oxygen present in the atmosphere.

In such a case the wearer is given a 15 or 30-minute supply of oxygen.

Each set weighs just 1.5 kg and offers hands-free unrestricted movement as there is no requirement for the wearer to carry a compressed air cylinder.

It is designed with panoramic vision so wearers can easily see their escape route and has an integral audio-visual alarm that informs the wearer of the amount of breathing time left.

The system has a 12-year no maintenance shelf life and only requires a 6 and 9-year validation inspection, as it is sealed in nitrogen to preserve its integrity.

“No Dig Live attendees can witness first-hand Semmco’s ability to design and manufacture products that protect individuals from irrespirable atmospheres,” said Semmco LPS General Manager Carl Bennett.

“We look forward to engaging with the trenchless industry and welcoming visitors to our stand.”

Attendees can visit Semmco at Outside Stand 48 at the exhibition.

For more information visit the Semmco website.

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Image supplied by Semmco

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