Pipe jacking nears completion in Mexico

The Altamira Landfall pipe jacking project in Mexico has nearly been completed by Eurohinca.

The development consists of the design and construction of a 2,305 m tunnel in central Mexico using a Eurohinca microtunnel boring machine.

Prior to commencement, construction of a 100 by 85 m microtunnel platform and an 800 by 130 m temporary workspace took place.

Work began in 2017 and currently 2,244 m –  or 97 per cent – of the pipe jacking tunnel has been excavated with an outside diameter of 3,200 mm.

A total of 780 jacking pipes are to be installed, each of which weighs 20 t, with the project’s double jacking frame creating a jacking force capacity of 2,800 t.

Presently, the project employs approximately 270 people each day to be on the job site and has accrued a total of 790,000 working hours with zero onsite accidents.

The project is expected to be finished by the end of 2018.

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Image supplied by Eurohinca

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