SRP EXP’s spiralling popularity in South America

Since first exporting its SRP EXP Spiral Liner in 2017, demand for the Aussie Trenchless product in South America has continued to grow.

Aussie Trenchless’ SRP EXP is a close fit structural spiral ribbed PVC relining system for the rehabilitation of circular sewer and stormwater gravity pipelines; the system is available in a range of different profiles for the rehabilitation of DN 150 to DN 1,200 assets.

Last year, Aussie Trenchless shipped 15,000 lineal metres of SRP EXP to South America, where its E9-085-6 profile system is currently being used to rehabilitate sewer pipeline networks ranging in size from DN 300 to DN 400. Since the initial shipment, interest in the product has continued to grow.

“Aussie Trenchless recently shipped another 15,000 lineal meters of E9-085-6 profile to South America,” said Aussie Trenchless Director Chris Meredith.

“This is the second shipment to the same customer, which I am delighted about as repeat orders confirm the user friendliness and quality of the profile.

“Aussie Trenchless has also had a number of enquiries for the SRP EXP Spiral Lining Profile from South American countries, such as Columbia, Peru and Brazil, so it’s evident the rehabilitation market is expanding in those regions.”


The system has a reliable reputation as a cost effective and timely rehabilitation method for contractors to deliver enhanced pipeline serviceability and lifetime for utility network owners. To date, more than 110,000 lineal metres of E9-085-6 profile and more than 80,000 lineal metres of E14-085-6 profile SRP EXP have been installed without costly site issues.

“The SRP EXP Spiral Lining System can be installed under flow conditions, there is no bypass pumping needed,” said Mr Meredith.

“It is quick and efficient, using a third generation high quality profile that was re-engineered to ensure ease of installation providing a value added outcome for the network owners.”

Mr Meredith says that the demand for trenchless installations – and the need for reliable systems like SRP EXP – will continue to grow as underground pipeline networks age and deteriorate. In addition, trenchless solutions will come to the forefront as cost-effective and non-disruptive alternatives to traditional open cut operations, especially in the emerging South American market.

“I believe that the South American market will continue to grow as the pressures of increasing populations within a city region will place extreme strains on ageing deteriorated pipeline networks,” he said.

“Trenchless rehabilitation is the only answer to keep networks in a serviceable condition.”

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