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PPI releases updated HDPE conduit model specs

The Plastics Pipe Institute (PPI) has released an updated model specification for high density polyethylene (HDPE) conduit.

The new specifications, MS-5 ‘Model specification for HDPE solid wall conduit for power and communications applications’, will assist in preparing specifications for HDPE conduit, which is currently the preferred material to house electrical and communications cables.

MS-5 was prepared with the input of industry experts that are members of PPI and references product specifications by standard developing organisations including ASTM International, Codes and Standards Group, National Electrical Manufacturers Association and Underwriters Laboratories Standards.

PPI said that HDPE conduit and pressure pipe specifications may appear similar, but the technical differences must be considered to achieve positive outcomes for difference applications.

HDPE conduit, including cable in conduit, is currently a popular option in horizontal directional drilling, ploughing installation and traditional civil installation methods as it is a jointless, flexible, high-strength material that can be installed in long lengths.

“Industry standards for conduit, such as ASTM F2160 and D3485, NEMA TC7, and UL 651A and 1990, have all been updated since 2016, including changes to product performance,” said PPI Power and Communications Division Director of Engineering Lance MacNevin.

“An inaccurate or an out-of-date product specification can cause confusion among suppliers or result in an inadequate product being installed.

“Conduit specifications have been specifically developed for the demands of telecomm, power, utility, aerial or underground applications.”

For more information visit the PPI website.

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