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HammerHead introduces purpose-built CIPP trailer

Charles Machine Works subsidiary HammerHead Trenchless has introduced a purpose-built trailer – the LT-20PRO – that provides cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) installers with an efficient mobile work station.

The LT-20PRO has been designed to provide the storage, electrical power and air supply needed for lateral lining operations and offers installers a customisable layout to tailor the trailer to their unique needs.

Base models of the trailer feature insulated trailer walls and ceiling, a roof-mounted air conditioner, a 13 KW generator, a roller bed with wall mount, a 114 L wall-mounted air compressor, external/internal air connections and electrical outlets and a HammerHead liner vacuum system.

Trailers can also be optionally outfitted with an inversion drum, curing equipment, reinstatement and drain cleaning tools; customers can also mount any CIPP equipment they already own.

The equipment on the trailer can be unmounted and easily relocated on more restrictive jobsites.

“Our trailer’s modular design accommodates the widest range of environments, difficult site conditions and logistics,” said HammerHead Product Manager Matt Gabrielse.

Mr Gabrielse said that ideally all jobs could be completed from inside a contractor’s trailer, but versatility was still a design priority.

“Versatility was key in creating these trailers for our customers,” he said.

“In cases where it is necessary to work from a roof or inside a large building, our rig allows key components to be easily removed from the trailer to work remotely.”

For more information visit the HammerHead website.

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Image supplied by HammerHead Trenchless

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