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Pipeline Renewal Technologies releases cure verification white paper

Pipeline Renewal Technologies has released a new white paper examining the use of fibre optic verification to ensure the proper curing of cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liners.

The free white paper discusses the use of fibre optic cure verification (FCV) technology to monitor curing temperature continuously along the length of the pipe, allowing additional control of the process.

Traditionally, CIPP curing temperatures are measured at each end of the liner through a manhole using temperature probes or a heat gun; for longer repairs, temperature may be measured intermittently at other manholes along the liner route.

The paper discusses the challenges operators face during installation and curing when the process can only be measured at two points, including cold spots along the installation, pipe sagging and variations in the resin itself.

It also explores how the FCV separates the liner into zones, measuring temperature along the length of the cure to provide operators with more data and greater confidence in the success of the curing process.

For more information visit the Pipeline Renewal Technologies website.

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