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ePIPE repairs leaking copper pipes

ePIPE’s epoxy liner has been used to repair leaking copper pipes responsible for supplying potable water to a 154 unit complex in Van Nuys, California.

The copper pipe, which had been installed to replace galvanised pipe only 10 years prior, developed pinhole leaks throughout the property.

The rapid failure of the pipes, along with the number of leaks experienced, risked the insurance company cancelling the policy unless the pipes were replaced or rehabilitated.

Each water main at the apartment complex serviced two buildings, with pipes running under the second-floor walkway.

The owners decided the best option was to rehabilitate the pipes, as the ePIPE technology limited disruption to the residents of the complex while avoiding construction costs and demolition of the walkways associated with repiping.

The pipes were air dried and the pipes were cleaned using air and sand blasting to promote proper bonding; after this, the epoxy was injected to coat the pipes and cured, creating a lead and leak free lining for the system.

“Not only was the estimate for the epoxy coating less than the copper repipe costs, the warranty was longer and the process did not include many of the other associated costs and headaches of the copper repipe,” said Property Manager Dieter Tack

Mr Tack said the work proceeded smoothly, causing very little disruption to the tenants and was an alternative he would recommend to anyone looking at repiping a building.

For more information visit the ePIPE website.

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