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ECHO incorporates vacuum excavation as part of SUE

ECHO Utility Engineering and Surveying has incorporated a Vac-Tron vacuum excavator into the company’s subsurface utility engineering (SUE) process.

In 2017, Florida-based subsurface utility specialist ECHO purchased a Vac-Tron Low Profile AIR 373 SDT vacuum excavator and began using it for SUE, is projects locating existing subsurface utilities data.

SUE is a branch of engineering that involves managing risks associated with utilities, including mapping at appropriate quality levels, utility coordination, relocation and design, condition assessment, data transmission, relocation cost estimates, implementation of accommodation policies and utility design.


Since the introduction of the unit just over a year ago, ECHO has seen an increased efficiency for accessing tight places and getting safely onto curbs.

“It allows us to get to projects that we normally wouldn’t be able to do,” said ECHO President Jerry Comellas.

“One of the projects we worked on was in a covered garage and if it wasn’t for this unit, there is no way we could have accomplished the project because of the low clearances.

“This was a US$48,000 project and is revenue that we wouldn’t have been able to have otherwise.”

Mr Comellas said that Vac-Tron’s customer service had been “outstanding”, catering to the refinements ECHO made to the vehicle and enabling the to set up and get to work swiftly.

For more information visit the Vac-Tron website.

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