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Herrenknecht MTBM secures water supply

A Herrenknecht microtunnel boring machine (MTBM) has excavated a water supply line through groundwater in a non-cohesive geology and under a busy highway in Greater Strasbourg, France.

The MTBM in the shaft.

A 1,740 mm diameter Herrenknecht AVN1200 MTBM tunnelled 470 m in four drives ranging from 50 to 215 m in length.

The new pipeline will connect a new well in the Plobsheim district to the existing pipeline network in the City of Strasbourg, securing drinking water supply for the future.

The contractors have a long history with Herrenknecht and have been using its microtunnelling technology for European projects for more than 20 years.

Contractors Valentin and SMCE Réha, who have been using Herrenknecht microtunnelling technology for more than 20 years, chose a slurry supported machine to navigate the water-bearing coarse gravel and sandy geology to complete the 4 pipe jacking drives.

The most challenging part of the project was the 215 m drive under the busy highway, which had to be completed in one continuous operation to avoid heave or settlement damage to the surface.

“For challenging projects, we rely on high quality machine technology from Herrenknecht, which has proven itself again and again over many years,” said SMCE Réha Site Manager José Pereira.

“And for special requirements we often find solutions together.”

The drive was completed in less than a month and, since the beginning of 2018, the well has been connected to the pipeline network and water supply started.

For more information visit the Herrenknecht website.

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