Aries releases sewer sentinel

Aries Industries has released the Sentinel Portable Inspection System, an integrated system operated by an all-in-one controller that allows operators to access clear video during sewer inspections in difficult-to-access locations.

The Sentinel Portable Inspection System.

The Sentinel Portable Inspection System is the latest addition to the range of sewer inspection and rehabilitation products that Aries Industries Inc. provides to meet the requirements of contractors and municipalities worldwide.

The new unit utilises a lightweight reel and a quick set-up tractor for easy transport between locations. The self-contained system can be set up in a pickup truck or an ATV, or used as an ancillary unit, shared among CCTV trucks for simple inspections.

Despite being a compact system, the quality of the inspection remains uncompromised with the inclusion of a state-of-the-art camera featuring a 512 Hz beacon to help locate the camera during inspection.

The pan and tilt camera can capture high quality wide-angle video, with features including auto focus, white balance and a 40:1 optical zoom offering imaging with fine detail. The low-maintenance camera is designed with minimal parts, providing a long service life and easy troubleshooting.

The entire system is operated using a controller that can be hand held or mounted onto a desktop. The control unit has a 213 mm LED screen for easy viewing, as well as an internal digital video recorder for photo capture.

The non-steerable tractor can be fitted with three different wheel sizes for standard operation in 8 to 15 inch (200 mm to 380 mm) pipe.

The tractor can be modified with an optional large line kit, allowing the tractor to navigate pipes 36 inches (910 mm) and larger in diameter. It can also be fitted with an auxiliary LED light to provide additional illumination, allowing the camera to pick up further details.

The 210 m cable reel is composed of aircraft-grade aluminium alloy, meaning it’s both lightweight and strong.

In addition to the Sentinel Portable Inspection System, Aries Industries provides its international customer base with access to the Pathfinder and Seeker 2.0 inspection systems, the Raptor cutting system that opens and reinstates laterals and mainline pipes after rehabilitative relining, and the PipeOptix data management software.

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