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Flow-Liner provides CIPP solution for leaking pipe

Flow-Liner provides CIPP solution for leaking pipe

6 December 2017 , , 0

Flow-Liner has provided a CIPP solution for a leaking pipe at a remote resort in the US.

At Amangiri resort, located in the canyons in the southwest US, a leak in a spa line was found to be leaking thousands of litres of water on a daily basis.

Amangiri was reluctant to use a repair method that would require excavation, as it would result in the demolition and reconstruction of the spa and its surrounding facilities.

After contacting a certified Flow-Liner installer, a trenchless cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining alternative was suggested.

The installer had the complication of navigating six 90° bends in the first 7.6 m of pipe, but was able to successfully install the liner using the CIPP lining inversion system, with no excavation required.

The Flow-Liner® Small Drain Inversion™ System allows for the lining of 2 to 6 inch (50 to 153 mm) pipes from a single point of entry for commercial, residential and industrial applications, using a variety of resins to suit the project’s needs.

“From this experience, Flow-Liner Systems and its certified installers are the go-to providers for underground work due to their professionalism, work skills, problem solving, timeliness, and great communications,” said Canyon Group Project Manager Dan Thebeau.

For more information visit the Flow-Liner website.

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